School Discipline Party (SDP)

Your Feedback

We are interested in your feedback on our policies – both our education and non-education policies. This feedback can be positive, negative or a mixture.

E-mail us at:

After the SDP party registration process is completed we will be reviewing all our policies. Your constructive criticism can help us!

We are interested in posting your feedback on our website if you are agreeable to this. Include your name and a contact phone number or email address so we can check that your identity is not being misused.

We are also happy to accept anonymous contributions. We understand that, for example, currently serving teachers may be reluctant to put their views out in the public.

Simply choose a name and put it in inverted commas so everyone knows it is an anonymous contribution eg. “Beth of Campsie”.

Obviously using your real identity is even better as it has more credibility. No one can accuse us of making up your comments!

We reserve the right to edit feedback for space – but in a way that does not change the nature of your views. We also reserve the right to correct spelling and 'improve' grammar. We will seek your permission before making any more significant alterations.

We cannot guarantee to include all comments and obviously cannot publish offensive content. But strong criticism supported by a coherent argument is fine!