School Discipline Party (SDP)


The SDP is on the lookout for candidates for Parliament.

The immediate priority is candidates for the next Federal election in the Senate. We also want to learn of potential State upper house candidates and are open to the possibility of supporting candidates for the House of Representatives where there is the prospect of a serious campaign.

For confidential expressions of interest in being an SDP candidate please write to:

National President
School Discipline Party
PO Box 3181

Also use this address if you would like to recommend someone else whom you think would make a good candidate for the SDP.

SDP candidates for the Senate do not necessarily have to have a background in education – as long as they support the essential thrust of our approach. In fact we expect our Senate team will have a range of skills and backgrounds and so be better able to handle the many important issues that come before Parliament.

Having a media profile would be an advantage but is not essential. It may be that none of our Senate candidates is initially known to the public.