School Discipline Party of Australia (SDP)

The School Discipline Party (SDP) of Australia is a recently formed 'centre' political party committed to improving the quality of our school education system.

We want schools that let our teachers teach!

The SDP has good policies (check them out!).

Now we need to give people the opportunity to vote for them.

We plan to run Senate candidates at the next Federal election as well as State upper house candidates.

But we cannot do this until we get the School Discipline Party registered as a political party with the Australian Electoral Commission and counterpart State commissions.

This requires us to have 500 members of our party who, when contacted by the Electoral Commission, will confirm their membership status.

So if you are sympathetic to our goals and would like to help, please join our party online. Membership is free!

Also why not forward our web address to anyone you know who might be interested. Let people know we exist! One easy way is, when you open your email, copy the web address

to your subject heading, press “Forward”, paste relevant email addresses and press SEND.

You might like to add a message along the following lines:

In view of your involvement with school education or concern about education issues, this new initiative might be of interest to you: